Michelle Hardiman

The Oak Tree Centre



OL11 5XT


Telephone: 01706 644949

Mobile: 078 0075 6859

Email: hypnotherapy@michellehardiman.co.uk


Hypnotherapy is a way of changing a feeling, behaviour pattern or a problem that you do not want to continue with anymore, for example Anxiety Depression, Stress, Phobia's and Fear...    the things that can dominate our lives, that can dominate ourselves.

Be proud that you are looking for a way to help you be who you really are, and who you deserve to be. You deserve this place on this earth as it is your birth-right and you matter. So be the best you are.

I can teach you how to connect your mind and your body so they are in harmony, and working together. Through this you will be able to begin to feel your worth.

Together we will manifest in your mind what you want, looking at what you need, and what you need to do in your life to achieve that. Realising what is ‘blocking’ you from achieving this at the moment will be a great progress for you, using hypnotherapy we will find this and then at your own pace move forward.

Hypnotherapy is a great asset into enabling you to manifest what you want and need. So believe you are worthy! Learn to once again trust in your abilities, both old and new. Have the power to see your own actions.

Please click here to view a list of "addictions and maladies" that Hypnotherapy can help overcome. I can also be found on the Atkinson-Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapy website.

You are important!


Hypnotherapy can bring in the changes giving you freedom to be who you really are.

Every person is different; we all want different things and really we all need different things... However, there is something we all require, and that is to be free of the shackles that appear to bind us.

Where best to find those things?... In our mind.

Your mind truly is the most powerful part of your being. Sometimes we want to simply get more effective at something.


Please use this link above to go to the Booking Page where you can book either as a Single Client or as a Group if more than one person would like to attend.