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Welcome to the Oak Tree Centre of well being and development and an opportunity for real changes in all areas of life.

This is a safe environment where you can release, relax and rebuild. Rebuild your thoughts, self and life. It is an urban area that is dedicated to your well being and development through various bodies of work from therapies incorporating talking.

Talking and releasing is our way of finding out about ourselves why we think the way we do which then creates behaviour patterns that can often be damaging and time consuming.

The Oak Tree Centre is a vision of growth with strong roots that can find a way to be fluid in life's path.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool helping you make real changes using the subconscious mind to discover what is happening and giving you a real understanding of how you really think, giving you the opportunity to  create new and more beneficial thought processes which enable you to carry on in the rest of this lifetime in a more positive and manageable way.

Remember we are all different and we all have different purposes  and different roads to travel and in being more whole  we can learn how to come together in this lifetime and make it a better place for ourselves others and those that will come after us!

Classical Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a real authentic connection to spirit with a compassion to help all who wish to be helped in being the best they can be. Illness causes absence of power, and absence of power equals FEAR.

Fear in the human spirit in whichever form it takes in my view is one of the most fundamental issues we have to work with in this lifetime. It promotes illness, negative behaviour patterns and a closing down of the real person.

It doesn't have to be this way you can choose to release the person in you that wishes to laugh, love, work, to be empowered in this lifetime in whatever form that takes giving you the opportunity to make your mark and to be on your path the path that you have chosen for yourself with the right thought forms..

Learning to accept what you feel and want in life is good, after all you deserve to have good things come to you, remember it is your birth right.

Here at the Oak Tree I offer learning in the form of workshops  over a number of weeks for absolute beginners to the more advanced. This learning experience will also be available on one day sessions.

Please click on the booking link (above) to the Groups Page for more information.


Please use this link above to go to the Booking Page where you can book either as a Single Client or as a Group if more than one person would like to attend.

There is much in this lifetime that you can change for yourself and others with the power and wholeness of your soul self you can really make the changes that are needed all around.