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I left my job in the corporate world after illness and my intuition led me to be healed by Hypnotherapy. From there my path was lit in the study of both hypnotherapy and the workings of the mind. I learned about how the subconscious holds all our information and how this part of the mind works beautifully, enabling us to change negative behaviour patterns which can govern our lives, though not always in the best way.

Like many others before me, I found anything can be changed if we want it to be, and if we understand why.

Hypnotherapy has stayed with me and in its methods enabled me to meet many people along my life path who were to be both my stepping stones, and in return, for me to have the privilege of being a stepping stone for them.

My passion for therapy and shining a light for those who wish to see a different way took me to Past Life Regression and Between Life Soul Regression where again I was to meet many who helped shape my life.

All the while something else was knocking at my door, my idea's where changing and I stumbled across the Bee and the Drum... it's fair to say spirit was opening an even bigger door that I was willing to walk through and to allow a reshaping of my life's path, at that door I was left a drum by a lady who passed away... my Shamanic path began.

I have studied Shamanism for some years and my passion for this work took me to undertake a 3 year training programme that I have now completed, making me a Shamanic Practitioner.

To date, my Shamanic path is part of my life and my work, therefore I will ensure that my relationship with spirit is authentic and equal and brings in community with those who I have met and have yet to meet...

My path continues.

My Work in therapy started twenty years ago when I took my first step and trained in counselling skills, I didn't realise it at the time, but it was a path that was to take many turns.

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